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Let me introduce myself: I am Gaby and I live in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful country and if you ever get the chance: come and have a look.

Although NZ has got this nice green image don’t be fooled: it’s nice and green because it rains a lot. Middle Earth has awesome land- and seascapes and if you are lucky enough to fly in along one of the many coastlines on a cloudless day, the views will make you day – I promise. The most dangerous creatures here are sandflys. If you are not used to their poison the itch will stay with you for up to six weeks. Okay the ocean of course harbours some more potentially unpleasant monsters like jellyfish and sharks. But I digress – I want to invite you to follow me on my journey to internet marketing success.

I have signed up for John Thornhill’s 12 months Partnership for Success course. During the next year I will learn how to create my own product and sell it successfully online.  I will keep you informed of the progress.

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