To write or have it written

When you have a blog or a website one of the most important things to do is to write. I might emphasis this because it is such a difficult job for me to do. But fact is that without good content your blog / website is not going to be very successful. Your visitors are coming to you for information and you need to supply good useful content if you want people to stay on your page and come back for more.

You can write posts and articles by yourself or you can use PLR articles and just re-write them or you can pay somebody to write for you.I have tried all three versions and came to the following conclusions:

  • If you use PLR articles you have to rewrite them to avoid duplicating content. That can take just as much time as writing a new one by yourself. It depends of course if you know what you are writing about. A readymade article can give you good ideas and can save you time on researching the subject by yourself.
  • If you pay somebody to write your articles, you get what you pay for. I have used authors from Elance and got good unique content. There are reviews about the authors on the Elance site and you can select exactly what you need. I’ll do another post on Elance next week in more detail. Suffice to say: it’s not cheap but pretty good and it can save you a lot of time.
  • I haven’t used Fiverr yet so can’t really say anything. It’s likely to depend on who you get and you might be lucky but I would rely on it.
  • You could employ somebody on a part time basis. I have worked with a lady from the Philippines. It actually wasn’t too bad, but a far cry from the quality of the Elance writer. The cost was lower and I got a lot of articles that way but I had to edit quit a lot.
  • If you have got the time and you know about the subject it’s bound to be faster and cheaper to write the article by yourself. You’ll get the unique content Google loves and it’s written in your own voice. And once you get used to writing it’s bound to get easier and faster. It’s a matter of practice – after all practice makes perfect. I am using a ‘Write or Die’ programme at the moment. You set yourself a word target within a time limit and then you just start writing like mad. If you stop for a few moments the screen turns red or whichever colour you choose. The software gets you writing. It doesn’t necessarily make sense and you have to do a lot of editing afterwards, but you have something to work with. I still have to make up my mind if this is a good way to go or if it would be better to more carefully compose an article and get it right pretty much from the start.

Whichever way you go don’t publish your articles without reading them. Make sure that it all makes sense, correct grammar is used and the spelling is checked.

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  • Dave Thomas

    March 26, 2014


    I find that writing an article is a good way to learn about a subject as well as to provide content to your blog. I sometimes think of a title for a blog (in fact I have about six already sitting on mine waiting for content to be added to them!) and then maybe read about the topic before going away and writing my own viewpoint on things like traffic generation or list building.

    I write about how I like things to be or how I would want to see things and then try and incorporate that in my own business ventures

    All the best


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