The Money is in the List

Studies say that emails still convert better than social media – nearly 40 times better. That’s not to say that social media isn’t worth doing, but everybody knows ‘the Money is in the List’.
When Google and Facebook change their terms and conditions or their algorithm once again, when you website gets hacked and is shut down or some other catastrophe befalls your internet business, as long as you have a responsive list you are not out of business.
The secret is of course in the word ‘responsive’. There is no point in having a huge list of subscribers when they are not interested in your market or don’t find your emails interesting enough to open.
How to you go about getting subscribers who are happy to buy from you?
There are a few different ways of going about that. They all involve work so it’s a wise idea to decide first what you want to achieve.
  • Do you want to grow your list fast and are you prepared to invest your time and / or money accordingly
  • Or are you in it for the long haul and don’t mind if you list increases slowly
  • Check that there is money in your niche
  • Who is your ideal costumer
  • Will you have sufficient time to keep on developing your list and build a relationship with your subscribers
Set goals: how big should your list be and when do you want to achieve that number
You should have an opt-in box on your website or blog (should be a double opt-in) and link to the page from Social Media sites, your profiles, from articles and from forum posts (check forum rules).
A common way to get people to opt-in is in exchange for a useful and relevant information product which over delivers. There is something to be said for actually charging a small amount of money for the report. You will get less people buying but those who do are obviously keen on the information and are prepared to spend money on it. That’s a good sign for future offers. They are likely to be responsive subscribers when they found your information useful and you manage to build a trusting relationship with your follow-up emails.
You can of course get them to opt-in to your newsletter without offering any product. That’s not so easy to accomplish. Your articles and blog posts have to be very good and your newsletter has to promise even more useful information. After all you want your subscribers to open and read your emails.
When you manage to build a good relationship with your list and your emails are entertaining and fun and you only offer products which you know are good, you will find that you have less un-subscription. Treat the people on that list with friendly respect and help them along their way in your niche. After all your list is where the money is.
How are you building your list?


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