Pros and cons of Internet Marketing

It all sounds so good and easy and some of the gurus promise so much. Live the life of your dreams. Just work a few hours per week anywhere in the world with a half way decent internet connection. The famous picture with the young guy and his laptop sitting on the beach suitably dressed in shorts. And you will own the Ferrari and the huge house with tennis court and swimming pool. Yeah right!

That might well be true for some people but I am a bit sceptical that that’s the norm.

Me – I am going to be happy with making a decent living working a few hours per day from home. And I will get there. Fancy coming along for the ride? Or are you still thinking about it.

Here are some pros:

  • You can start your online carrier while still working a ‘normal’ 9-5 job
  • Learning a new skill set keeps you mentally fit
  • Eventually you get out of the rat race and work self employed from home or wherever you want to work as long as there is an internet connection
  • You’ll end up earning money for yourself instead of for your boss
  • Depending on how you go about it you can create passive income to a certain degree

And here are some cons:

  • You can only work from somewhere with a decent internet connection
  • You need to learn a complete new skill set and that takes a lot of time
  • Information overload happens to most newbies
  • You easily end up buying all sorts of good sounding products in the hope of finding the philosopher’s stone
  • You could end up spending a lot of money on these products and training courses. That’s money you don’t really have and it might be a waste.
  • Internet Marketing is actually a lot of work, at least to start off with and I have the suspicion that it stays that way. After a while you might get the work done faster because a lot of the tasks become routine but they still have to be done
  • There will be ups and downs and you have to stick to your goals and stay dedicated
  • You work alone in front of your computer
  • Your friends and family are potentially very sceptical and might advise you to go back to your proper job. Those people are known as ‘dream stealers’. Don’t allow them to do that!

When you start with Internet Marketing, get yourself a good mentor and a supportive network of people with similar goals.

The Facebook group of ‘Partnership to Success’ students and mentors for instance are such a helpful bunch that even self conscious me has started doing the odd post and comment.

See you there?


  • Paul Wallace

    April 19, 2014

    Hi Gaby,

    Great post and just to pick up on some of the points you make. I think working online is a very realistic career now, I also believe people are not so sceptical as things have moved on over the last few years and the internet is part of most peoples lives. I think you are making a real go of this Gaby and I believe John will deliver, we just need to follow the plan.

    I feel sometimes it is all to easy to be tempted to buy something else that promises to speed things up BUT this is when we need to just relax and once again follow the plan.

    See you on the beach.


    Paul Wallace

    • Gaby

      April 20, 2014

      Hi Paul
      My dog and I just returned from the beach and yes it will be good to spend more time there once we can live of our online business.
      The temptations to buy the next shiny promising products lurks around the corner. I have decided not to look at anything else until I have sales on my first product. Let’s be strong.
      Have a happy day

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