Partnership to Success – week 9 and 10

searching girlNow it gets serious.

In our ‘Partnership to success’ course we have to choose a niche and develop ideas for our product creation. It would be helpful knowing something about the niche already and ideally we should be interested in the subject.

Researching the ideas further is relatively easy. We just have to make sure that there are people buying similar products – the more the merrier.

John’s system is a bit different to what a lot of other online marketers do, but it’s very logical and makes sense. So far we haven’t been worried about keywords at all but concentrated on finding topics which have proven to be interesting enough for people to spend money on.

Although we can go for any niche we set our hearts on, for me it’s logical that the niche should be internet marketing – at least for the duration of the course.

If I burn the midnight candle for the rest of the year to create outstanding products then I would like the best chance possible to sell the product. That means find the biggest audience possible. John and his successful previous students have huge lists and they seem happy to promote good products to their readers.  There is a ready-made market for us students there to sell to if we stay in the internet marketing niche.

That is huge! And it is one of the biggest advantages of the course.

Growing your own list takes time and hoping to get onto page 1 at Google with SEO for a subject with big buying potential? Keep on dreaming. So using the existing list of successful marketers is perfect and a win for both sides.

I guess next week or maybe a bit later product creation will start. That might not be so easy when you consider that people on the course don’t have all the knowledge yet – otherwise they wouldn’t need the course.

And then you are supposed to create a product which over delivers in a market full of competition – very scary.

But what do you have to lose? If nothing else you gain invaluable experience and you learn a lot about your chosen subject. In a year’s time you hopefully look back and wonder what you were worried about.

What are your ideas about the upcoming product creation? Leave a comment below.

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  • Andrew

    April 29, 2014

    Hi Gaby

    I have 2 posts on my blog about niche selection, I might be adding another as well as this is a tough thing for all us newbies, and one I struggled with a few years back but could not really come to a conclusion.

    I think the way to approach it is rather than try and copy some of the big marketers products, which will be difficult anyway, is to find something you are really keen to learn, in this case internet marketing, and learn as much as you can about it over a couple of months, and when you start getting results you can then share these in a product with bare-bone newbies, as newbies naturally are more likely to listen to someone who has just been through the mill themselves than a guru!

    This is also our market – the newbies – and we have to appeal to them with our product, and in this case less is better, less fluff, filler and just how to do it quick style, like setting up blog to getting traffic etc. but avoiding necessary essentials.

    You’re also dead on about the network we have available to us through John and his previous students, we really don’t have so much problems with promotion but just creating the darn thing!

    Anyway I am sure somehow it’ll all work out in the end!


    • Gaby

      April 30, 2014

      Hi Andrew
      You are right, newbies are our market. Unless of course you can develop some fancy software which helps even seasoned marketers. I wouldn’t even know where to start there.
      I feel the most important aspect of our product will be that it over delivers and as you said, it needs to be very clear, sort of like one of these ‘…for dummies’ guides.
      Thanks for your comment

  • Hi Gaby
    I agree – the opportunity offered by John Thornhill and others who have done the course to help promote our product(s)is huge.
    I also feel strongly that at least the first few products need to be about something we are passionate about. That way they are easier to write, should require less research and the tome to market should be shorter.
    Keep up the great work – I love your posts.
    Best regards

    • Gaby

      May 1, 2014

      Thanks for the encouraging words Wayne. I admire that you are thinking of your first few products already and not only the very first one. That sounds like a smart move. The products could compliment each other and even be combined later.

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