The right mindset

It is so important to have the right mindset to achieve anything in life especially if you work for and by yourself. Just dreaming to have a fancy car, a nice house and no money worries doesn’t do it. You have to be prepared to actually work for your dream to come true. It’s tough…

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All in a week’s work

Here is this week’s big challenge (apart from setting up the blog with all sorts of plugins): writing three blogs posts! Wow I guess I’ll have to organise a meeting with all my brain cells to get that sorted ๐Ÿ™‚ The rest is not too difficult and very well explained. It did help that I…

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Welcome to my Internet Marketing Blog

Let me introduce myself: I am Gaby and I live in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful country and if you ever get the chance: come and have a look. Although NZ has got this nice green image don’t be fooled: it’s nice and green because it rains a lot. Middle Earth has awesome land- and…

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