It’s all in the header

Is it worthwhile having your blog header or any graphic for that matter done by a professional? Although I love playing around with images and graphics on it does take a lot of time, especially if you don’t use the program regularly. You have got this brilliant idea in your head – if only you could figure out how to get it on the screen. More often than not the results are not very satisfying.

New visitors decide in seconds if they are going to stay on your website or click away. It is important to create an appealing first impression. People will see your above-the-fold graphics first, so your header better be good, clean, easy to read and portraying your blog content.

Let’s face it: you are not always the best judge of your own designs. To be on the safe side I now decided to ask for help. The header on this blog is done by a graphic designer. And wasn’t that a good idea! You should have seen my attempt 🙂

I strongly believe that it’s always better to use the right tools and the right people to get the job done well. That doesn’t stop you from learning the skills for yourself in your spare time. A lot of trial and error before you go public seems like a smart move. Alternatively publish your first graphic somewhere where it’s not so important. The header of your website is not a good place to start practicing.

When I did my first websites I used to spend days and checked thousands of photos to find suitable ones on Istock or dreamstime until I found just what I was looking for. Then it took days to create the graphics. It was fun doing and they didn’t come up half bad, but it took forever.

The articles on the other hand were written by others, because I was running out of time and okay fair enough English is my second language. Now I practice my writing – sorry bare with me for a while longer: it’s going to improve – and buy in the graphics.

Anyway even if you get a designer to do your graphics you still have to know what you want to express with the images and the words. That can be a hard thing to figure out and to get it across to your designer.

Let’s have a look at that in the next post.



  • Hi Gaby,

    I totally agree with you. I too can create my own graphics. I have Photoshop and love playing around with it from time to time. I knew full well that a getting a designer to do my header graphic made total sense because he would do a far better job in a lot less time than I could.

    The way I think about it is this. Our blogs are the very central focal point to our business everything kind of radiates out from our blog. You link to other websites from it. You promote your own products from it you promote other peoples products from it, you provide valuable content on it and you also make some great friends and connections from it.

    There is a saying “First Impressions Last”. When you visit someone’s blog usually the first thing that hits you in the eye is the header graphic. Personally I think that getting a professional looking header graphic for your blog is very important for the relatively small outlay.


    Robert Chenery

    • Gaby

      March 19, 2014

      Hi Robert

      You are the first person commenting on my blog. I am thrilled! Thanks so much.
      And you are so right with your comment about the first impression. Like the other saying: There is never a second chance for a first impression.
      Have a great day

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