All in a week’s work

Here is this week’s big challenge (apart from setting up the blog with all sorts of plugins): writing three blogs posts! Wow I guess I’ll have to organise a meeting with all my brain cells to get that sorted ๐Ÿ™‚ The rest is not too difficult and very well explained. It did help that I have created WordPress blogs before and wasn’t afraid to push the wrong buttons.

OptimizePress complained about the PHP version and I am very proud to say that I managed to sort it out. I still haven’t got a clue what a PHP is or does and I am not going to worry about it now, but I know that it needs to be changed in the c-Panel – and I did it. Now it’s complaining about something else. I’ll sort that out later. The blog seems to work alright and I am not going to get (more) grey hair about an issue which might never become a problem.

If the first two weeks of the Partnership to Success program is anything to go by, I am going to have to set a fair amount of time aside to keep up. It’s not going to be easy but I set my goals and I am going to achieve them. If that sounds like an affirmation, you are right, it is one. Along the lines of ‘Fake it til you make it’.

My internet felt obviously overwhelmed today; websites wouldn’t open and even Google searched forever to come up with results. The router was working nearly at full strength and my Internet Provider didn’t have an issues, so they said. Their only advise was to disconnect the phone. After I did that at least I could open websites again, although very slow. Now four hours later it seem okay again. We get so spoilt with fast internet nowadays that any time there is a problem we (or at least I) jump up and down and use inappropriate language.

By the way I hope that you can excuse my sometimes incorrect use of the English language. It’s not my mother tongue and I will improve over time with more writing. I never needed to do a lot of writing in English. That’s why this is a big challenge for me but ‘practice makes perfect’.

See you in the next post.





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